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I only watch this drama for the fanservice because the plot is nothing to shout about. Why can’t we have more villains like this episode…?*nosebleed*

Happy birthday to Happiness’ Karen!

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It’s the Minoh combi ^_^

It’s the Minoh combi ^_^

Jul 9
SKE’s Anya and Happiness ^_^

SKE’s Anya and Happiness ^_^

Jul 3

Sunshine Dream ~Ichido Kiri no Natsu~


84-second preview of Happiness’ Sunshine Dream ~Ichido Kiri no Natsu~ (extracted from Shuukan EXILE July 2, 2013)

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I’m starting to like this.








一度きりだね これだけのチャンスは



Boyfriend (Sunshine Version)


29-second sample of Boyfriend (Sunshine Version); Happiness’ version, from Shuukan EXILE June 25, 2013

Note that it’s not Happiness who’s singing. 

Credits to Shupagirl-UK and to ! ♥♥♥

I’m loving this song, both sunshine and moonlight ver. are nice.

Btw, it is Happiness singing.


Interview: RACo 2012 with TGC on January 24, 2013

~What I understood about the interview were:

K-chan does aerobic exercise and muscle training. Gym every morning. Dance lessons last about 4 hours and a half (even more). Dieting, saying she’s careful of what she orders and avoids eating outside more often… eating vegetables….hmmm… what else? She likes overseas things, reading foreign magazines/dramas and watching Gossip Girl (I think she mentioned she likes Serena). She also likes Veronica Mars (American TV series) even though it’s considered old. Color: Black and white. 

She also said that walking on stage alone is really different from performing as an E-Girls member ‘coz you can’t share your anxiety, but she said, hoping that many more people will know E-Girls, she did her best. (that’s so nice K-chan! ಥ_ಥ)

(Not 100% accurate, but I generalized it w/ the help of Google… she was talking about carbohydrates and stuff; I didn’t understand that part (@-@) I also skipped some parts) hehe…( ^_^ )’

I don’t mean to interrupt. But might I add a little…

She says, on days when she’s free, she would have dance lessons 4 and a half hours, but on days when she has a tighter schedule, about 1 and a half hours.

About the diet, she seldom eats fast food. She starts her meal with veggies, then a few sips of soup, then the carbohydrate and alternate between that and the side dishes. For dinner, a smaller serving of carbs. And depending on her schedule next day, sometimes she would skip the carbs.


石塚朱莉 渡辺美優紀 山田菜々

lol poor nana. oh anchu.

May 5


130504 めちゃ×2イケてるッ! E-girls (Ami, Aya) 必修ダンス帰れまSTEP

The only segment on mechaike where E-girls can appear.
Tbh any team that has San-chan is never gonna win.